Keto French Vanilla Coffee

Pre-Keto I used to love French Vanilla coffee creamer and missed that flavor. So I experimented a little and came up with this. To me it tastes pretty close to what I remember it tasting like and no added sugar! I have this every now and then when I’m not guzzling down bulletproof coffee.


1 cup Coffee
2 TBS Heavy Whipping Cream
1 TBS Stevia
1 TSP Vanilla Extract


1. Add Stevia to cup
2. Pour Coffee over Stevia in cup
3. Add Heavy Whipping Cream
4. Add Vanilla Extract
5. Mix well
6. Enjoy~

Nutritional Information

Makes 1 Serving

Per serving:

Calories: 90
Fat: 10g
Carbs: 0g

Author: KetoLife

I try to make Keto friendly recipes as easy as possible! I have been on the Keto diet for almost 2 years and I have lost over 200 lbs on it, and a total of 280 lbs overall!

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